Indoor lighting

The series of interior lighting includes LED lighting, which is suitable for various purposes. Part of this lighting can be used in office interiors, others in domestic living spaces like bedrooms, living rooms and even bathrooms.

The team is quite proud of this selection as it can provide quite a lot of variety of choices for integrated lighting suitable for smart home control and automation. In general there are 9 different indoor lighting solutions, some of them are most suitable for large spaces and large scale use – learn more about them bellow.

What does our Indoor Lighting Catalogue Contain

Most of our indoor lighting collections are characterized with a more utilitarian, simplistic design, however, there are some outstanding lighting solutions which come with quite intricate body designs. These lights are sold ready to be integrated into any home or space and are separated into these 9 categories.

LED Downlights

LED DOWNLIGHTS are some of our smallest form-factor lights. Even with their small size they are extremely powerful and quite effective in lighting up a large space when paired with several other choices – in addition they come with a stylized outside body, which can provide additional stylization to your space.

LED Panels

LED PANELS are one of our most powerful indoor lighting solutions with simple, quick mounting options and clean, simplistic designs. They are a fantastic choice for any office or home because they are quite affordable and quite effective – if you are looking for something to brighten up your day these are the lights for you.

Wall and ceiling lighting

No home or office space is complete without wall or ceiling lighting. This collection is specially designed to provide small form-factor lights with high powered bulbs or LED panels – they have high ingress protection and require little to no maintenance.

LED Profiles

LED PROFILES are best integrated into ceilings and come in several sizes and shapes. These are some of the best solutions for lighting up a corridor or a work space without interfering with the available ceiling space.

Acoustic lighting fixtures and baffles

Acoustic lighting is a special type of lighting which comes in the shape of panels used for dampening sound waves. They are best utilized in speaking areas and open spaces where both light and sound have to travel a long distance – they are a fantastic solution for airports, lobbies or conference rooms.

Lighting fixtures

Lighting FIXTURES are one of those product lines that everyone is familiar with because they are most widely seen in offices spaces, corridors and hospitals. They provide an excellent light source and require little to no maintenance – they have emergency lighting supplies to aid in fixing any electrical issues.

Track lights and Magnetic Track Lights

Tracks lights and Magnetic tracks lights are a fine solution for any studio, concert hall or open space where adaptability is a vital part of light adjustment. These lights come with a safe installation and can handle great loads, especially the tracks lights which can be easily adjusted.

Waterproof lighting fixtures

Waterproof lighting is an essential part of any home or space because they provide great solutions for safely lighting up a wet area like a bathroom or a kitchen. In this category you can find all sorts of styles and solutions, both for ceiling and wall mounting over sinks, mirrors or other places of importance to the user.

LED Emergency lighting

No public space is safe without LED EMERGENCY LIGHTING. In fact, it is a safety requirement each public or private building for commercial or domestic use must comply with and this is the category where our users can pick and choose from a great variety of choices.