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 In order to provide everything a household or a professional electrician would need on the job.
We have made a special selection of tools – electrical tools, mechanical tools, meter tools and tools and equipment to maintain your garden.

Tools & 
Garden Equipment

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Power Tools

Electrical power tools

Cordless Power Tools

Welding Equipment

Air Compressors

Water Pumps

Garden Maintenance

Electrical Garden Tools

Cordless Garden Tools

Garden micro-drip irrigation system

Irrigation & garden watering

Hand Tools &
Tools Accessories

Measurement tools

Measurement tools

Hand tools

Hand tools

Electric tools accessories

Fixing, Fasteners, Construction Chemical

Fixings & Fasteners

Construction Chemicals

Personal Protective Equipment
We offer complete equipment for personal protection during work.
Choose the necessary equipment and order fast and easily.
We provide you an interactive product catalogue with all technical information and the possibility of quick ordering directly from the catalogue pages.