About the company

“One thing is true about our vision:

The business concept is always winning if you put the needs of your customers at first.

We do constantly improve our business model in the direction to increase customer`s profit.”

Jelez Georgiev
CEO of ELMARK Holding SE

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Our Mission

The company’s long-term goals are aimed to implement the latest digital solutions for easy and fast management of the supply chain. We continue ensuring high-effective solutions for every household and business structure.

Our Values

We believe that for running a successful business it is necessary to build a solid foundation which drives your business growth. Our main core values are: Expert approach, High efficiency, Security, Trust, Striving for improvement.

We are global

  • 60+ Countries with distributors

  • 10000+ Products in portfolio


    10000+ Products in portfolio

  • 20+ Years of experience

  • 10 Countries with ELMARK offices

    10 Countries with ELMARK offices

Company’s History

Two decades, we continue to maintain a successful and an effective business concept, proven itself over the years. Find out how we have evolved during the years.


Adhering to all European production standards, Elmark products meet the quality standard and ensure highly efficiency. Watch our video and find out more