Privacy Policy

This policy aims to inform you about the ways we, as administrator, handle your personal information, as well as about your right to control these activities.


Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual (such as: email address, name and surname, address, age, date of birth, phone number etc.).


We only collect information you provide to us: name, address, email address, phone number, city

or company information so that we are able to perform our business activities.

Ways to collect your personal data that have become part of our data base:

  • Data from exhibitions;
  • Data from visit cards;
  • Data from visits;
  • Data from recommendations;
  • Registration for business partnership;
  • Entering into contracts;
  • Logging in for newsletters/promotional pamphlets;
  • Registration of guarantees;
  • Logging in to online shops;
  • Purchase of goods;
  • Filing complaints;
  • Publicly available information; or
  • Any other legal means.


The main activities, objectives and reasons that are associated with the processing of personal data are:

  • Fulfilment of orders and contracts;
  • Providing advisory services to companies / chatting;
  • Email marketing
  • Multimedia messages;
  • Communication by telephone;
  • Mailing; or
  • Business negotiations.

The personal data which we collect give us the chance to keep you informed about our latest products, promotions, news and upcoming events, changes in our terms and conditions and company policy, internal controls and analyses. In case you wish not to appear any more in our list of addresses, please feel free to contact us at any time in order to unsubscribe.

We have introduced administrative, technical, and physical means to protect your personal data from loss, theft and misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction.  ELMARK employees are bound to observe the measures to protect your personal data appearing in our data base and the access to these data is limited to the need to perform their obligations.

In cases of transfer of your personal data to third party service providers, ELMARK has concluded agreements for data protection at all levels of protection in accordance with the respective standards.

Your personal data will be retained for the time period necessary for the fulfilment of the objectives, but not longer than the period provided for in the law. Storing time is determined depending on the type of data and the purposes for which they are required. After expiry of the defined period, the data will be erased.

ELMARK does not process data of minors under 18 years of age without the express consent of their parents or legal representatives.

ELMARK is a personal data administrator registered in the Information System for Electronic Registration of Personal Data Administrators.


ELMARK HOLDING SE uses different types of cookies to provide you an access to essential services, enhance website functionality and to deliver to you online ads that are tailored to Your interests.

In particular, ELMARK HOLDING SE uses cookies on website to:

– Enable you to set up and identify an account

– Enhance your shopping experience

– Remember items you place into your shopping cart

– To deliver ads that are appropriate and based on your interests

– Remember items you have been looking at so that you can quickly and easily go back to an item you looked at previously

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files which are stored on your internet browsing device (e.g. computer, tablet or phone). Cookies do not store your personal details, they can not harm your files or increase the risk of viruses on your device.

Types of cookies on our website

Strictly Necessary Cookies. These cookies are essential to our website. They enable you to navigate around the website and use the features that you have requested. Without these cookies, we can not provide the services that allow this website to operate.

Performance Cookies. These cookies collect information about how visitors use the website. They provide information about the areas visited, the time spent on the website and identify issues that our users may be experiencing. This helps us to improve the structure and content of the website.

Functionality Cookies. This type of cookies enhance your browsing and shopping experience. These cookies can remember your username and language preferences, next time to your visit on our website. Remembering your choices, helps us provide enhanced and more personal features.

Advertising Cookies. This type of cookies deliver to you personalized online advertisements, which are tailored to your interests and web activity. These cookies can also help us to measure the effectiveness of promotional and advertising campaigns.

Control and Delete Cookies

Most browsers settings allows you to manage the use of cookies. If you disable or delete cookies you may not be able to navigate the website or access important parts of our website.


When using your personal data for advertising purposes performed by ELMARK on social networks, the data is collected, processed and stored in accordance with the GDPR policy described in the section “USE AND STORAGE OF PERSONAL DATA”.

ELMARK is not responsible for the protection of your personal data on social networks such as Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Twitter and others, in case of the media do not follow the policies for security and protection of your personal information (hacker attacks, information leakage/personal data, capacity to follow legal regulations). Please read the general terms and conditions of these sites in details.


Following options are available for you at any time:

  • To check the accuracy, completeness and up-to-dateness of your personal data:
  • The right to require  the respective modification, erasure, or blocking of your personal data; and
  • The right to refuse the processing of your personal data for the purpose of receiving the electronic newsletters and other marketing communications etc.

ELMARK is not responsible for receiving incorrect / inaccurate information submitted by the customer.


In case you wish to exercise your rights or if you have any questions about our handling of your personal information or related issues, please contact us via any of the following ways:


We may, from time to time, up-date our Privacy Policy.  In case of changes in our actual Privacy Policy, we undertake to inform you accordingly.