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We offer products for the complete construction of a reliable electrical installation in your home, residential or public building.

Tested according to European standards and internationally certified

We guarantee the quality and safety of our products with everyday tests and with international certificates.

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Breakers & Electrical Protection

Miniature circuit breakers (MCB) and accessories

Moulded case and air circuit breakers
(MCCB and ACB)

Thermo-magnetic automatic breakers

Residual Current Devices (RCD)

Surge Arrestors

Switch Disconnectors

Fuse links, bases and switches

Lighting protection

Ex-proof installation systems

Automation & Control

Contactors, thermal overload relays and accessories

Frequency inverters, direct and soft starters

Electrical measuring devices, timers, sensors and relays

Control switches, pushbuttons and indicator lights

Control switches, pushbuttons and indicator lights

Distribution boards & boxes

Plastic distribution boards and boxes

Metal distribution board and boxes

Industrial metal distribution modular boards

Junction and console boxes


Power Cables

Solar Power Cables

Communication Cables

Electrical materials

Cable support systems

Cable support systems

Cable fastening, terminals and electrical insulating materials

Industrial plugs and sockets

Multiplugs and cable reels

Switches & Sockets

City Series

Lecce Series

Rhyme Series

London Series

Antique Series

Waterproof Series

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