Track lights and Magnetic Track Lights

A modern solution for any room, complemented by functionality, high energy efficiency and long life.


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Track lighting systems are becoming part of the interior of the modern home or business premises. They belong to the group of spot lighting, you can also meet them with the name track rail systems.

What is special about them? They provide directed light and thus you can accentuate at a certain area of the room or at a certain object, picture or more.

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You can also use them as the main lighting in the room, placing the track lights system along the room, in a circle or other shapes. The track lighting system is a new design trend because it is used to create a vertical and horizontal style suitable for the interior.

The components for building such a system are single-phase rails, floodlights and elements for connecting the rails (connectors). The rail is used to power the LED floodlight.

We offer it in three colors white, black and gray with a length of 1 m or 2 m. It is designed for surface mounting on the ceiling.

The floodlights for track lighting system are placed on a continuous rails. They are available in different sizes and designs in three main colors – white, black and gray.

They can be fixed or movable with the option to direct the light. The fixtures for track lighting and magnetic track lighting systems have a power of 5W – 30W.

When choosing, pay attention to the beam angle, it can be from 24o to 90depending on the model. We also offer you a choice of color temperature – it varies from 2700K to 6400K.

Connectors are elements designed to connect two or more rails and can be straight, angular, T-type and X-type. With their help you can build rail systems of different lengths and shapes.

The multifunctionality of the track lighting systems allow them to illuminate not only any room in the home, but various public places such as showrooms, conference halls, galleries, commercial areas, offices.

All track lights and magnetic track lights are of high quality, long life up to 30 000 hours and reliability with warranty of up to 5 years.

What types of magnetic track lights do we offer

There are generally three types of LED magnetic track lights – folding, not folding, hanging. Each product line has a full selection of products and supplies as well as accessories for easy of installation.

The magnetic track rails is designed for recessed installation and it’s most easily mounted in drywall ceilings, though they can be used in concrete structures as well. The folding an not folding models magnetic lights are most often used in galleries with concrete structures while the hanging ones are the most diverse applications.

We have different lighting options, with direction lighting, LED projectors with a slim but powerful lenses and recessed lighting which is easy to install and remove from any of the rails. For the hanging magnetic lights, we suggest you take into consideration the height of the ceiling – most of our clients prefer their use in wide spaces and high ceiling rooms.