LED Panels

The preferred light source not only in the home, but also in public buildings, office buildings and commercial premises.
They attract with high energy efficiency, high quality of the emitted light and the great variety.


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The panels that you will find here are suitable for both surface and in-build ceiling mounting. Also available with hanging mounting option.

Thanks to the variety of sizes, you can be sure that you will find the right panel for each room.

The diffuser on each LED panel that we offer ensures even light distribution without the formation of dark and light spots. All panels have a long life, which is not affected by repeated switching on/off.

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You can choose panels with different color temperature from 2700K (suitable for home) to 6400K (for workshops, public buildings, hospitals).

We also offer panels with high protection against moisture (IP44/IP64), suitable for installation outdoors or in wet premises.

What varieties of LED panels do we provide

There are several great candidates for us to showcase. They come in several shapes, most notably round and square shapes, with different mounting options as well as positions.

All LED panels are ceiling mounted, however, we have LED THIN Panel with clips for mounting in drywall as well as suspension mounting with wires and extra mounting kits. We also have LED Panel Round with clips for mounting on surfaces, in drywall and suspension cables for higher ceiling rooms.

Our goal with these products was to provide a wide variety of light intensities, colours and power capabilities in order to suit the needs of our clients. Since your preferences tend to differ, we decided to provide a variety of models from the same series like the THIN LED Panels which come at 48W as well as 60W for the more high powered variations.

The lower powered models can provide from 4800Lm up to 6000Lm and come with the respective colour temperatures of 4800K and 6400K. For the High powered variations with the 60W power draw, there are 6000lm and 6400K colour temp variations.

The products from this series can be dimmable, with special variations of models made specifically for these types of installations.

As for the Round panels with clips, they come with models rated at 6W as well as 24W with the respective 330lm and 1800lm. As for colour temperature they produce both warm and cold light ranging from 2700K to 6500K.

The dimensions of these panels also differ greatly, with the lower power rated models with dimensions of 118mm and a diameter of 100mm, whereas the higher powered, intense light variations coming in at 295mm and 268mm diameter – these can also be dimmable, however, not all models are suitable for small home integrations as they need an extra controller to work.

Waterproof models

We have special LED PANEL ROUND WATERPROOF, DUSTPROOF and OILY SMOKE ready variations which also come in at different power ratings, ranging from 7W up to 23W and respectively produce 660lm at 4000K colour temp and 1750lm at 6500K colour temp.

These products are suitable for kitchen and wet area use as they can produce the necessary visibility and security while also not taking that much ceiling space nor smothering the visual space of the specific area you will be installing them in.