Outdoor lighting

When dealing with façades and garden lighting it’s important to choose what is right for that particular setting. Our professional recommendation to all users is to determine whether they would be setting the mood with the lighting, or if they will be matching it to an already existing aesthetic – here’s what we offer to make it easier for you to do it whichever way you choose.

What Makes Outdoor Lighting Special

The thing about outdoor lighting is that it’s a source of essential light which has both practical and aesthetic aspects. It should not only be resilient to meteorological and weather damage, but should also be effective in providing whatever amount of light is best suited for that particular application.

But it’s not the light alone that is important, the looks and design of the fixtures is also important especially for façade and garden lighting.

What Sort of Outdoor Lighting we Provide

The goal for this ElmarkHolding.eu catalogue was to cover all of the outdoor lighting bases, which is what you will find here. Bellow is a short summary of the contents of each category and what the products are meant for.

Garden lighting

Garden lighting refers to fixtures which are specifically designed with their outer aesthetic in mind. These types of lights are usually placed amidst gardens and lawns, but especially around pathways in order to provide essential visibility during the night – they can also take the shape of patio lighting and lamp posts.

Façade Lighting

The goal of façade lighting is twofold – to provide that essential visibility during the night, but to also give users the ability to create art with light and shadow on the face of a building. These solutions are fantastic for giving life to immovable objects and to turn an ordinary property into something unique and worth seeing and admiring.

Ground Recessed Fixtures

Ground Recessed Fixtures play an important role in lighting up stairs, driveways, pools and patios. They are made from extremely durable materials and can be driven or walked over, there are some special models create specifically for pool and hot-tub lighting.

Waterproof Wall and Ceiling Lighting

To have waterproof outdoor lighting means that you don’t have to worry about the loss of visibility. These types of lights are the number one purchase for any home owner who wants to ensure that they always have safety on their porch, on their stairs or around the entrance of a door.

Waterproof Fixtures

Waterproof fixtures are also a must-have when talking about outdoor lighting. What makes these lights great is that they are not only protected from water ingress, but that they can be washed and can be extremely durable, making them one of the most durable LED products we provide.

LED Floodlights

LED floodlights give users the capability of lighting up a driveway, regardless of how long it is. There are models which come with motion sensors and detectors which trigger direct illumination which can act as an animal deterrent, which is an excellent choice for rural or urban areas.

LED Street Lighting

Street lighting is a valuable asset which makes neighborhoods safer and a lot more visible during the night. This category can provide the right solution, entirely depending on the area that needs to be illuminated – done at affordable rates with little to no maintenance.

LED Industrial Lighting

Industrial complexes with high ceilings also need an effective and efficient way of being lit up. If you are a farmer or warehouse company and work with logistics, you know how important visibility is for the safety of personnel and merchandise alike.

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is at the edge of what is thought to be the most sustainable way of lighting up an outdoor area. They are independent and require little to no servicing or maintenance which is great for lighting up remote areas.