Waterproof wall and ceiling lighting

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The area around your home will not be fully lit without these lighting fixtures. To help in the dark here comes the ceiling lighting fixture with a sensor, which ensures that there is always light when you turn the corner. And for a beautifully illuminated house you can count on the variety of water-resistant wall lights that we offer. No matter what kind of style you have chosen for the exterior, here you will find the right wall lights. In addition, they are designed to be equally beautiful when installed оn both surface and recessed. So you can install some of them in your bathroom or hallway, or along the stairs. This will make your home not only beautifully illuminated but also safe for everybody.
Available in different shapes and lighting effects. Body color of the fixtures could be black, grey or white. They are made of different materials, such as aluminum, resin, polycarbonate. All they are with high quality, long life and durability.
We offer luminaires with built-in light source with a long life of 30000h and available with color temperature 4000K-4300K. And those without a light source so you could choose the type of lamp for them.

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