Facade lighting

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Тhe Elmark`s facade lighting is manufactured in accordance with European standards for quality and control. They meet the latest trends, creating a modern line in facade lighting.

Outdoor lightings are used to accentuate a particular architectural detail and are also used as a guide for visitors, placed around columns at the entrance and exit.

The facade lighting we offer not only looks great but is also highly efficient, durable, weather-resistant, ingress protection certified for water and dirt resistance, and has the possibility of an extended warranty.

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Here you can find facade lighting of different shapes and sizes. We offer facade lighting with a built-in LED light source. Such are the luminaires of the LIVIA, OL, GRF series. Or the ones with LED lamps, such as the wall lights from the MARTA and FRANKA series.

They are made of high-quality materials with UV resistance and are available in three colors – white, gray, and black. There are available facade lighting with color temperatures from 4000K to 6500K.

There are wall lights with motion sensors available too. The ingress protection of facade lights varies from IP44 up to IP67.

When is façade lighting suitable and how is it used

The facade is the face of a property, regardless if it’s a house, monument, historic property, or office – it’s the thing that people see first and start associating with that structure. Regardless of the location, a facade that is worth looking at is a facing that is worth lighting – which is why our selection of products provides a variety of lighting options and intensities.

The general consensus is that these types of lights have a short-range and are generally used to create an ambiance of lighting which is gentle for the observer. They can be used to accent certain areas of the property, like windows, plants, doors, or other important visual or functional parts of the house.

Depending on what you want to bring attention to, we have several great variants of light fixtures, with one of the most diverse and agile choices being the OL9611-W1 LED product line which provides a conical, downward light. The W2 variant has a double-edged conical light emission, both of each are even in length and intensity.

This symmetrical source is an extremely stable choice that provides a sense of harmony because the overall arrangement seems a lot more balanced. If, however, you want to have a more focused light source, then the 9612LEDW1 will provide a more focused, downward light beam that escapes the conical variations from before.

The W2 variation of this product has by far the most diverse and interesting selection, with diametrically opposed light sources providing a beam in a downwards motion and a conical light source upward.

We also suggest you take a look at the FRANCA90 and the MARTA series since they are made of resin which is UV resistant material.. The overall ingress protection of these products is IP55, giving you the ability to use them all year round – no matter if it snows, rains, or hales.