Lamps and components

Lamps and lighting components have come an essential part of any modern living or working space. This is why we at have create a special catalogue which contains all of the necessary items one might require to reinvent their interior space, and also have some interesting and innovative solutions like the Neon Flex.

Table of Contents for the Catalogue

Bellow you can see a short explanation of what each category contains. We’ve separated our selection into 7 different categories in order to make your shopping experience a lot more convenient and exact – these categories include:

LED Lamps

LED LAMPS are the basis of any modern home or office as they provide the actual visible light which we all enjoy. Depending on the standards of your light fixtures, these lights can vary in size, shape and illumination capabilities, ranging from high visibility to ambient light.

We provide several different standards which either fit a very specific set of lights, like fixed ceiling lights, or more broadly applied light bulbs like the screw-in variations which are the most accessible and widely used.

Vintage lamps

Vintage LAMPS are created from an inspiration dating back to Edison and Tesla’s time. While bulbs and lamps back then were quite a lot less bright or effective, the ones you will find here are a modern iteration on a LED basis.

This means that they provide the visual aesthetic of the very first lamps which were ever created, while also lasting as long as the most modern bulbs. This provides users an interesting aesthetic choice which can embolden that special light fixture and can even transform an entire room.

LED Tubes

LED TUBES surpass regular light tubes in that they do not produce heat, last a lot longer and do not make a noise whilst working. They are best coupled with the right light fixture and can range in size, brightness and how long they can last.

LED Strips and Components

LED STRIPS are most often featured with LED Channels, in places where space is limited but the demand for illumination is quite substantial. These LED strips and components are one of the most efficient and space saving products on the market and are the ideal solution for under cabinet lighting and counter top lighting.

Neon Flex

NEON FLEX is a brand new generation of lighting which is ideal for the implementation of lighting solutions in places where flexibility and durability are a must. They are best applied when combined with a power transformation unit as it protects the Neon Flex from experiencing voltage spikes.


Movement and light SENSORS can be used in many different circumstances and applications with their main purpose being the automation of light fixtures for outside and indoor use. There are many different types of sensors with a variety of reach capabilities, field of views and mounting positions.


Lampholders are the main interface between a bulb and the light fixture. Due to the wide variety of LED lamp standards, there is an appropriate amount of lampholders which range for single, double and even triple holders – check the catalogue for a full list of our offers.