Decorative lighting

Whatever your tastes and preferences are, you have to be sure that here you will find the right product for your room. In our collections we follow the latest fashion trends in the field of interior design.

In all six collections you can find the right chandelier for every room or interior. In addition to chandeliers you can find pendants, floor lamps, table lamps, spot light, ceilings and wall lamps.

What is Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is the type of lighting which provides essential interior design solutions for any sort of taste or design decision. We deem them decorative because we put quite a lot of emphasis on stylizing the exterior of any light fixture, whether that would be one with a modern or a more classical undertone.

Bellow we will be explaining the different types of collections you can find and what sort of interesting choice you can make using one or more of the collections.

What Sort of Collections do we Have

We understand that our users have a variety of tastes ranging from post-modernist to simplistic, classical and overall vintage looking interior design decisions. In order to appease all tastes, we’ve separated the varying types of interior lights into six different categories, like:

Modern Collection

Our MODERN collection provides both an avant-garde and clean modernistic lights, pendants, chandeliers, wall lamps and floor lamps. The goal with the creation of this particular type of modern collection was to provide any home or office with a stylized collection of interior light solutions which would match colours, shapes and furniture choices most often associate with modernistic designs.

Lux Collection

The LUX collection is a part of our modern-classic fusion collection which covers quite a lot of luxurious and stylish choices in all sorts of colour ranges and shapes. There are chandeliers with far reaching lighting capabilities and small pendant versions meant for smaller spaces for office and domestic use.

Crystal Collection

This collection is entire based on crystal-like chandeliers and pendants which have an awe-inspiring presence when it comes to light transference from light bulbs to their surrounding area. Our goal with the collection was to emulate well-known style of classic, Victorian chandeliers by placing them in a modern setting.

Design Collection

The DESIGN collection is one of our most interesting types of collections as they provide users with the freedom to choose from a wide range of light fixtures based on different types of materials. Here, our clients can find the most diverse choice of lamps, chandeliers, desk lamps, pendants and spot lights.

Vintage Collection

The VINTAGE collection is inspired by the late 19th and early 20th century aesthetic which can be seen all around Bavarian and British households. These types of light fixtures are brought into the 21st century thanks to a blend of LED bulbs and fixtures which can light up a room just as well as any modern light, without losing that sense of style that older, more vintage light fixtures can provide.

Classic Collection

The CLASSIC collection is inspired by the 20th century area, mainly the 50’s and 60’s most often seen in US-based interior design magazines. These light fixtures also provide quite a lot of light transference, while still using the well-known materials of the past, with quite a lot of emphasis on ambient lighting.