Every job requires a specific tool and even though there universal variants, there is nothing better than a tool meant for a specific job. In order to provide everything a household or a professional electrician would need on the job, we at have made a special selection of tools, ranging from hand tools, to power tools, construction chemicals and meter and measurements tools.

What sort of tools do we offer

As mentioned above, we offer two main varieties of tools, hand and power tools, both of which have their own application as well as pros and cons. Bellow we will showcase some of the choices you can make.

I. Power tools – corded and cordless

Power tools are an essential part of any home improvement or professional tool arsenal. They provide a tenfold improvement on productivity and accuracy, and not only reduce production time, but also make a lot of jobs are lot easier.

At the end of the day, the power tools can be separated into two camps – corded and cordless tools. The corded tools, like drills and perforators, have a lot more power to them, however, they are reduced in mobility and are dependent on the power grid, whereas cordless tools are not.

One of the biggest benefits of cordless tools is that they are highly mobile, can be lighter and a lot easier to use due to the lack of cables getting in the way. However, one big drawback is that they have a limited battery charge and are less powerful than corded tools.

There is a certain trade-off which is necessary and we do recommend that you acquire both types of power tools as they complement each other quite perfectly.

Hand tools – electricians tools, VDE graded tools and handsaws

Hand tools have their special place in any electrician’s arsenal because they provide much more control and precision when working with electrical components. There are some things that power tools simply cannot accomplish properly – this is why we have several kinds of standards of tools and screwdrivers from PH, PZ all the way to Torx standards.

Meter and measurement tools

Measurement and detection is quite important, especially when it comes to finding cables and invisible studs. These tools work with a high level of precisions and are a necessary part of any tool belt or tool kit, especially when working with electricity.

II. Complimentary components, elements and chemicals

When mounting any sort of object on a surface, one would need the appropriate tools, components, installation elements and construction elements – this is what you’ll find here.

Components for power tools

Power tools are great enough, however, they become even greater when you have the right bits and pieces for them. In this category you’ll find all of the necessary components for cutting, metal working, construction, restoration and other job-site projects you might come across.

Fixing elements for universal use

Fixing an object to a concrete or brick wall requires special fixing elements with the appropriate strength and grip to withstand the weight and pressure of the object which is being installed. There are also products which are suitable for the installation of objects on drywall constructions, as long as they have metal or wooden studs behind them.

Silicone and cement based construction chemicals

Silicone and cement based construction based chemicals are an essential and required part of any job site. Which is why we at provide a wide selection of all purpose, universal and job-specific construction and fixation chemicals suitable for household and industrial applications.