Smart Home & Home appliances

Modernity brings quite a lot of high-tech solutions to the table, most of which are meant to make life easier and a lot more convenient. This is why the team created a catalogue of all of our best smart home solutions so you can make your home a lot more energy efficient and safe.

Here’s what can Turn any Regular Home into a Smart Home

When we think about a smart home, one of our first ideas is a voice activated assistant that does everything you tell it to. However, there is a lot more to making a regular home into a smart one and one of things is control, surveillance and convenience of appliance use.

What Sort of Smart Home and Home Appliances do we Offer

Our goal with this catalogue is to provide not only essential products for home and property security, but also other items which will make it easier for you to control lighting and sound at home by doing it a lot more intuitively. Integrated systems like smart doorbells and intercoms are just a small part of what you can find here.

Smart home

The smart home selection comes with a great variety of control systems, Wi-Fi cameras, dimmers, number of switches and touch controls. All of these items are optimized for ease of mounting, low maintenance and high strength and longevity.

All sensors can be easily integrated into a brand new property, or be put as a part of an already existing wiring. Most of the products are Wi-Fi operated and have rechargeable batteries for remote installation with little to no user interference required.


Doorbells come in all shapes and sizes, all of which are made to look stylish and to be easy to integrate into a façade. Depending on the size of your property, a given doorbell can come with one or more speakers to ensure the audible alerting of the presence when someone is at your door.

Intercom and Alarm Systems

All intercoms and alarm systems are Wi-Fi based and have their own power supply. Alarms come with different sensors, from motion to light sensors and can be easily integrated into any property.

To achieve the best results for the size of your property, we recommend that you consult with one of our experts. Intercoms come with a push to talk function and vary in their intricacy and simplicity.

Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are used when a user requires a constant supply of hot water to a given location. Depending on the needs, whether those would be private, domestic, or public, we provide a wide range of boilers for wall, floor or ceiling mounting – all appliances are rated for safety and are made from long lasting, high quality materials with anti-corrosion coatings.

Heating Appliances

Heating is important for everyone who lives in a tempered climate which is why we provide a good selection of heating appliances for domestic and office use. In this category you can find space heaters, heaters for bathrooms, floor heaters and smart control solutions with optimized electricity consumption for the best winter heating results possible.