Electric boilers


The electric boiler can be a part of the making a comfortable environment, regardless if that’s a home or an office. In fact, electric boilers have become an essential part of modern living and that’s why we at ElmarkHolding.eu have a new, wide selection of electric central heating boilers which you can utilize anywhere where hot water is needed.

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What are electric boilers all about

In regards to the technology of electric boilers, there are a more complex variation of regular heating elements most often used in old kettles. The way they operate is that they have a central tank and a serpentine of coiled copper piping, which is heated through electricity, providing hot water.

Depending on the technologies involved in the manufacturing process, an average boiler can produce up to several liters of hot water a minute. The more recent models, like the BELLISIMO Cloud boilers even have internet and wi-fi connectivity, allowing you to remotely interact with the boiler.

You can not only monitor, but also set different programs and temperatures for the boiler to reach or maintain, giving you enough flexibility and utility. This option also provides you with the convenience and added functionality of preventing unwanted heating – which is energy efficient and money-saving.

This particular model has a 40l capacity with horizontal and vertical variants and an overall power rating of 2200W. One neat feature is the quick shower option which provides you with enough power and hot water to enjoy a relaxing shower after a hard day’s work.

What sorts of electric boilers do we offer

We offer two main variants of boilers – instant and over-time boilers. The instant boilers, like the instant water heater and the compact flat series – provide you with instant hot water. These variants are quite powerful, with the instant heater having variations from 3500W to 7000W.

The second variety of boilers, are the over-time heaters which come in two main varieties – horizontal and vertical, with the horizontal variations being two main types – those meant for a wall and those meant for a floor mounting position.

An advantage that horizontal boilers have is that they are more flexible in terms of mounting positions, with even high capacity boilers being convenient for installation in tight spaces. In general, the two variations are pretty much indistinguishable in terms of practicality and function and only really differ in the space that they up and the orientation they can have.

Vertical boilers tend to be the higher capacity variants, with variations being capable of holding and heating more than 140 metric meters of water at once. The BILIGHT vertical series is a fantastic choice for large families with more than 3000 W of power, this model can heat 142 liters in a couple of hours.

The more efficient variations of these are the left and right serpentine models which have a heating element which has a more efficient heat exchange included into the production. If you are looking for a high quality way of heating any amount of water, then we suggest any of our Tesy products – with a EU quality guarantee.