Indoor air quality is one of the most important health determining factors. This is why the team has create a special section for products meant to increase and improve the quality of your indoor air, regardless if it’s in domestic or industrial applications.

This is why proper room ventilation is important

Ventilation is one of the main determining factors of the quality of indoor air. Depending on the size of the system, there are several safety systems and filters that need to be put in place in order to prevent the ingress of dust into the air ducts.

If such systems are not used, or if the maintenance of air vent installations is postponed for more than 1 year, it is absolutely possible to experience high amounts of dust and even mold transfer from the air to furniture and even to the lings of occupants.

Indoor air quality is directly connected to the respiratory health and condition of people and should not be taken lightly. This is why we provide high quality, high volume systems which are treated for lesser dust retention.

What sort of products can you find here

We separate our product lines into two main categories, products meant for domestic use and those meant for industrial utilization. Both products lines consist of high quality products with long lasting components, which is exactly what any modern person is looking for.

Domestic Fans

Domestic fans vary greatly in their applications as there are fans meant for damps spaces and fans meant for dry spaces. Fans which are meant for bathrooms can operate for a prolonged period of time and thus aid in the removal of excess moisture.

Domestic products are also made into several well designed product lines which can be both surface and flush mounted. For further information on the installation of particular fans and ventilation systems, you can consult with one of our experts or look at the installation charts on the category pages.

Industrial Fans

Industrial fans play an important role in moving big quantities of air around, mostly meant for warehouses and other large spaces. These fans have a greater capacity and can even see use on movie sets where the temperature is increase due to spotlights and the presence of a lot of people.

Industrial fans are mostly maid from alloys and ferrous metals which are a lot stronger and last longer than plastic components. The motor capacity of these types of fans is also a lot higher, meaning that they can work a prolonged period of time at a higher speed and feed rate.

Accessories for Ventilation Systems

Whenever creating any sort of ventilation system, there are several important accessories that are a must. Those are the stainless steel air ducts which come in rigid and flexible forms. These series provide all of the necessary junctions, angles – with proper installation you can greatly reduce maintenance which can be both time consuming and quite expensive.

If you are uncertain what sort of products you would need for a project of your size, you can consult us at any point of your purchase.