Switches and Sockets

When designing any sort of interior, whether that would be one meant for an office or a living space, one of the greatest considerations are the positions and design of switches and sockets. While they might seem like a minor detail to some, to those with a keen eye, they are a vital part of the visible space and play an important role in how comfortable a certain room feels.

This is why well Designed Switches are so Important

When talking about interior design, there are several different paths that one can take – modern, vintage and classical. In this catalogue we’ve gathered all of our different series which match the modernistic, vintage and classical feel to any sort of power switch or socket – here’s what you need to know about them.

CITY Series

The CITY series is specifically designed to make the face of a wall look in-seem with the power switches and interfaces. There is quite a lot to look at in terms of utility, as well supply many different control systems – from curtain controls, to light dimmers and integrated doorbell sound level control knobs.

If you are looking for utility and style, the CITY series is going to be a great choice – with the added colour pallet, all customers can find the selection that would match their desired effect the best.

LECCE Series

The LECCE series is by far our most modernistic looking product line. With its fine edges and curves, it provides quite a lot of visual fluidity to the spaces around them while also integrating great with classical furniture and light fixtures.

If you want to create a more modernistic and clean sensation to your space then this is the product line intended for you. This series also provides the same functionality as the other products lines, however, it does come with some extra bells and whistles – for example the size of the switches and the tactile feeling when switching them on and off.

RHYME Series

The RHYME series is the most clean looking, providing an excellent, visible and easy to handle facing. It is mean for child rooms, conference rooms, hallways and any other spaces which would see quite a lot of traffic.

The colour pallets of these products are far more modest than other product lines, which is intended and meant to provide a more convenient way of selecting products.

Waterproof Switches and Sockets

Waterproof switches and sockets are always needed, especially in damp areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. These types of sockets have a modest look but provide an essential service to restaurants, hotels and homes all around Europe.

Their main use is to provide a safe way of interfacing with the power supply and can be used even outdoors. For outdoor use we suggest that you take a look at the non-transparent sockets, whereas for interior solutions it’s best that you take a gander at the transparent variations as they do provide some aesthetic benefit to the user.