Surge Arresters


Secure protection in case of high momentary overloading.


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Surge arresters are protectors against specific types of surges, such as a power grid surge for instance. They protect of heavy-loaded electrical circuits from overload. Used to protect not only particular consumers/circuits, but also the whole panel. They are remarkable with high reliability. Automatic switching off at exit failure and recovery after eliminating the danger.

They can be mounted on DIN-rail, vertical or in the distributions box on the front or right before the breaker. Rated operating voltage Uc: 275/440V;50Hz.

The surge arrester selection is made according to the overload risk level or atmosphere activity, named B, C or D (from high to low risk level). The company offers model for these three levels of risk: Model SPD – Bxxxx – for systems with exceptionally high risk level. Mounted mainly in the beginning of the installation or in the main panel. Model SPD – Cxxxx – for systems with high or average risk level. Mounted in the beginning of the installation or before the breaker. Model SPD – Dxxxx – for systems with low risk level. Suitable for secondary protection of consumers in combination with SPD – Bxxxx/SPD – Cxxxx.

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