Fuse Links and Bases

The series for high power safety devices.


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The series of fuse links for high power safety devices is designed for short circuit protection. They are distinguished with high speed of operation and high reliability.

Fuse bases offer a compact and simple solution for application of fuses as protective elements in low voltage applications and they ensure reliable and high performing contact characteristics.

Rated current is from 250A to 630A and the numbers of poles vary from 1 to 4.

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In which cases are fuse links and bases applied

There are two main types of fuses, those which are rated for high voltage protection, and those which are rated for low voltage protection. Both types of fuse links and bases are applied in circumstances where a system, a consumer or a set of motors requires short circuit protection.

In cases where a system is experiencing an overvoltage, an adaptive fuse link like the COMBINED VOLTAGE CIRCUIT-BREAKER MN2, can react and shut off the power supply to the consumer it is linked to. If there is a detected voltage drop bellow 170V or an overcharge above 280V it will turn off.

Models like these have the option for manual override and will allow the user to turn the system back on once the voltage has stabilized.

There are quite a lot of industrial uses for these types of fuse links and fuse bases, however, they can also be applied to domestic properties where a specific consumer is more sensitive to voltage or frequency changes, like a mixed electric and gas stove hob or a boiler.

What are the advantages of the different fuse links and bases

One of the biggest advantages of all of our fuse link models is that they are optimized for visibility and detection of presence, meaning that a user will be able to see the fuse link in the dark when the power is out. Aside from that, the different models, like the SHUNT RELEASE MX model allow for remote circuit breaking by switching a system on and off.

After the breaker has been tripped, the unit can be turned back on by a manual leaver once the voltage has been restored to the system. This particular model is rated for voltage of 230V at 50/60Hz.

In terms of bases, there are quite a lot of choices which Elmarkholding.eu customers can take advantage of. A great example of a quite versatile series are the BASES FOR HIGH POWER SAFETY DEVICES which come manufactured for two types of parts – for resin cast parts and for porcelain parts.

These elements are made from ceramic with a high amount of quartz for added overcharge protection and overall material stability and come rated at different amperages. Our NT series comes in a variety of Amperage ratings, from 16A to 160A by the NT00 series and the NT0 series which have longer ends and can adapt to more sizeable rails.

Then there are the NT3 series which are the highest amperage rated models, with two varieties, from 500A to 630A, or the lower rated NT2 ranging from 160A to 400A.