Lighting protection

Secure lightning protection for the buildings.


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Here we offer products for the complete construction of lightning protection systems according to the imposed standards and depending on the class of lightning protection required for the building type.

Why is lightning protection necessary

Lighting is a naturally occurring meteorological event that requires a great mass of moving particles, most commonly known as clouds, to create a very specific type of electrostatic energy. This static energy is quite potent and is one of the most powerful naturally occurring electrical power sources on earth.

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Whenever a bolt of lightning strikes the earth, it is always looking for a natural or neutral outlet, which most often is either the ground or a tree. However, in urban areas, this can be a rooftop, a condo, a car, or even a pedestrian.

Lighting strikes are quite unpredictable, however, humans have figured out a way to take away that static electricity from the air, down to earth, in a very predictable manner. If a bolt of lightning strikes a house directly, the potential energy which will be released into the structure will non-cohesively look for a grounding point – it can enter the inside of the property or it can go to a drain.

Either way, it can shock and harm an occupant, without them even realizing it. In order to avoid this, provides a wide range of products for a lightning protection system that can be installed within a day.

What does a lightning protection system look like

As nature dictates, a positive charge will be looking for a negative one and it will be naturally drawn to it. In urban locations, it can be quite hazardous if surrounding buildings do not have lightning protection systems, because once lightning strikes a particular point of the property, it can be dissipated into many different avenues.

The way a lightning protection system looks is that it provides a singular point into the air, which stands higher than the rest of the property. This singular point into the air is actually a grounding point, which is made possible through the intricate connection of the air termination rod to the grounding galvanized wires which will be installed into the soil at the foot of the building.

The singular point will actually be a part of the ground, connected through a series of strips, bends, and wires, all coming down at the side of the building, coming together to a singular point in the ground. In this way, if lighting were to hit the building, it will be drawn to the highest point of said building, in this case, the air termination point, and it will travel only down the conductors and into the ground.

Ease of installation

In our catalog, you will find all of the necessary parts for a fully operational, safe lighting protection system. All of these parts are either galvanized, copper or aluminum, with 0 chance of rust due to outdoor exposure, which means that the system will be kept for a long time.

It is recommended that you contract a professional company for building lightning protection which could provide a guarantee for the job and give you a certificate.