Components for facilitating installation.


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For quick and easy cables connecting Elmark offers console boxes and junction boxes. They could be single, double and triple and are intended for in-build mounting in plasterboard or for recessed mounting in bricks and concrete.

They are round or square type in various sizes. For outdoor installation are suitable plastic junction boxes with different shapes and dimensions with IP44/IP67.

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They are designed for cable lines extension or junction at cable installations laying. And are made of ABS material with openings for input – output conductors, with rubber gasket to provide the corresponding IP code.

Resistant to chemical, thermal and UV rays. Direct wall mounting with screws. There are available various block terminals in the catalogue.

For easier and better work efficiency in the dark we offer hand lights and work lamps. They are some of the most convenient lamps. They are easy to carry, do not take a lot of space and are used as flashlights to illuminate the space during work.

Our product portfolio includes – flashlights, headlights, portable floodlights, plastic mini key lights and others. Available with batteries type 3xAAA or with rechargeable batteries, also with USB charging cable.

What is the Purpose of Junction Boxes and Terminal Blocks

The general sense of these products is to make wire and consumer installation a lot safer, efficient and a lot more convenient for the user. Due to a wide range of constriction methods, we provide a wide variety of junction boxes for cables suitable for plasterboard, concrete and masonry.

All models are flush mounted with the wall and can be secured in several different ways – with set screws, with mounting brackets on wooden structures and even nails. A great example of the flush mounting options are the products from the EC350 Series as all of them are made to meet the standards of safety in concrete and masonry construction and cabling work.

What Sort of Suggestion do we Provide

Terminal blocks, on the other hand, are made to make it easier for electricians and overall users, to more easily connect two or more cables into one system. These easy to release and clamp on blocks are secure and have a good grip on the cabling the user has inserted into the ports.

For the ease of operation, these products have colour coded latches which provide context as to which terminal is meant for which wire. There are simplistic and quite affordable products like the terminal blocks TBF types series which come with one way in terminal and connect the cables into one circuit.

These particular products provide 2; 3 and 5 way terminals which can connect up to 5 wires into one singular circuit. There are also products like the Quick Connection Terminal Block which come with a lot more potential for possible connections.

These particular products allow users to utilize 3 in and 6 out terminals as well as 3 in and 9 out terminals, allowing them to connect 3 circuits of phases and grounds into 3 single cables rated for that particular voltage.