Meter tools, Timers, Relays

High accuracy and reliability.


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Elmark offers timers, relays and measuring devices with high accuracy and reliability. This product category includes programmable timers designed for DIN rail mounting with the ability to memorize different programs implementing various ON/OFF cycles.

There are also time relay “star-triangle”; pulse relay; electronic counters; temperature meters; current measuring transformers; displaying measuring devices (voltmeters, ampermetes, frequency meters, combined).

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There are available digital and analogue meters.
Here you can find also all-purpose limit relay switches used in automatic systems as a control element. They are used for setting of gearing limits.

They are mounted on transport lines, conveyors and other linear progressive motion machines. They feature a vibration-resistant metal shell.

What are the uses of the different Meter tools, Timers and Relays

The main purpose of all three types of tools is to provide monitoring of different functions of a system. This category is a part of our automation catalogue which is mainly intended to make it easier for users and engineers to provide a more metric based maintenance and diagnosis of a system and to give more control over to the user when it comes to power usage.


Timers are most often utilized in systems where one or more user should be free of a request to interact with the electrical grid of a property. These can be anything from pumps, to lights to even other types of electrical motors which require direct input into the grid.

These timers come in different shapes, sizes and capabilities and are most often used in industrial and commercial locations.


Relays are meant to aid in the connection and interaction of a consumer with the electrical grid. These types of units are most often seen in fuse boxes or near electrical motors and machines and act as an extra interface for the consumer to connect to.

The relay can also act as a measure of connecting the user at a given time, allowing it to draw power from the grid during a certain period of the day, which is somewhat similar to the timers. Relays also have a protective role in any given electrical system as they do provide some sort of barrier between direct electrical current and the consumer.

Meter Tools

Meter tools aid users in the creation of stable systems which can be monitored at any time. These meter tools provide information regarding the behavior of a certain power socket and how much power, amperage and voltage has been drawn during a certain time of the day.

These tools are essential in determining the nominal power draw of a consumer and can provide quite valuable accurate information regarding the state of a battery if the two poles of the battery are connected to the corresponding poles of the meter tool.

Meter tools vary in their size and power monitoring capability, thus you would need to consult with us before buying a specific unit for industrial use. If you are buying a product meant for domestic use, then we do suggest you take a look at the first few products as they would be most suitable for your specific intended use.