Control and Signals

Devices for easy control of automatic systems and signaling.


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These are devices used in control and indication systems, command boards and panels in industrial automation systems. They could be mounted on transport lines, conveyors and other linear progressive motion machines also could be used for control the switching on or off executive mechanisms such as relays, contactors, etc.

They find broad application in all industrial fields. The products included in our catalogue are: LED indicators, rotary switches, hoist control devices, buttons, signaling devices.

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What is the main purpose of our controls and signals

The goal of these devices is to provide both a clean indication of activity and consumer status (on/off/standby) as well as to provide ease of control during work. There are several different types of switches, all of which are suitable for different applications, with their main intended use being that of control of industrial equipment.

This equipment can range from construction equipment like diggers and load lifers, to production lines, conveyers and other types of electrical and hydraulic operated consumers. Depending on the needs and the types of functions a consumer has, there are several switches which can help you easily identify what sort of work the current machine is doing.

The Rotary switches of the LW26 series, for example, have multiple positions, up to 7 positions of 3 pole controls, which can be used for the control of motor function, welding machine function as well as other operations. If your machinery requires more intricate control and has more functions, the SW26 series can provide that control as well as work with a voltage insulation of up to 960V.

The series covers several control schemes, with the LW26-Q series having two levels of control for an on-off function. These rotary switches range from 10 to 160A controls.

What sort of controls and signals do we provide

We have three main sorts of controls, rotary switches, like the LW26GS series with voltage ranges from 20/04 to 63/04V with work at 3 poles. We also provide button spring reverse switches for simple 1/0 controls with no LED indication as well as models like the AD56-22 Series which is spring loaded button with LED indication latching.

We also have two position key switches which are controlled with a specialized key. These are most often used in the control of heavy lifting machinery and are connected to an electrical motor or an engine. These are the EL-22Y and the EL-22Y3 series with two and three positions rated at 5A each.

In terms of indications and signals we have the different AD56-22 Series which are light indicators for rated both for AC and AC/DC systems. Their job is to indicate the current status of a machine or a consumer and showcase whether or not the motors are engaged and if the system is under load or if it’s on standby.

There are also all sorts of other controls and light indication variants of the aforementioned products and if you are looking to use them for professional work, we advise that you take a look at our catalogue, because we are certain you can find whatever will suit your needs the best.