Soft Starters

Тemporarily reduce the load and torque in the surge of the motor.


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Soft starters are designed to control the start of three-phrase induction motors with short-circuited rotor. A number of motor control issues are avoided through them, and namely: prolonged star delta switching, auto-transformer switching, resistant switching.

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System function: over-voltage protection, overload protection, phase loss protection, temperature overload protection.

Control function: outputs faults, motor faults diagnostics, keyboard control, delayed start, faults memory.

Rated working voltage: 230/400V AC;50Hz. Mounting: to a flat surface or vertical gradient.

What do soft starters prevent

Soft start motors are generally only used in the initial stages of electrical motor work and will not be participating in the control of the work of said motor. Their job is to control the start of the motor and prevent the overcharge of the system or with the overcharge of a nominal electrical charge.

The start charge which a motor generates can cause a multitude of problems for the system, mainly by increasing the electrical resistance and heat of all electrical carrying and using devices connected to that motor. On the other hand it will raise the heat of all electrical components of the motor prior to work, which will decrease the efficiency of the bipolar magnetic fields created with the rotation of the motor.

One way in which the soft start prevents this from occurring is by utilizing a steady stream of electrical charge of the motor where not all of its potential charge is implemented. The soft start systems we provide will reduce the friction as well as the initial charge created with the start of the motor.

In this way, friction and overall wear on the moving parts of the motor is reduced, which is especially important in 3-phase systems and motors.

What safety features does a motor starter have

One of the main features which a lot of our customers look for is the overcharge protection which any of the selected soft motor starters have. It also protects against the loss of a phase which would otherwise interfere with the work of the motor and shut it off prematurely.

A thermal overcharge is extremely unwanted in the case of a 3-phase motor start, and a soft starter reduces that chance by reducing the overall friction and intensity of the initial electrical charge. A soft starter can be used in conjunction with another one, however, it is highly recommended that both units are mounted to one another.

If this is not possible then it’s mandatory that there is sufficient cooling for both units.

What to look out for when selecting a soft start unit

One of the most important things to look out for is the way it can be mounted and the types of protections it provides. It’s also vital to check the specifics of the electrical motor and check to see if the metrics of the starter will match with that of the motor.

In general we offers products with different capacities, from 30A – 15KW to 150A – 75KW which match and can encompass a large range of electrical motors.