Industrial Boards, Plugs and Sockets

High quality and protection in the industrial area.


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Elmark offers specially designed plugs and sockets for installation in industrial buildings or outdoors. All plugs and sockets are made of special high-quality plastic with alloys against aging at sunlight exposing and for increasing the mechanical strength.

They are designed in accordance with standard EN 60309 and provide reliable connection and high protection level against electrical current. They have ingress protection IP44 and IP67. They are designed for surface or recessed mounting, movable, or fixed type.

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The industrial distribution boards 690 series can be safely used for temporary installation such as construction sites, markets, fairs, etc. They are made of shock-resistant material, halogen-free technopolymer on ABS base with resistance to UV rays.

They are suitable for outdoor use, thanks to the high impact resistance of dust and water. The distribution boards are fit to use in different options – movable with a handle or fixed on the wall.

The Benefits of High Amp Rated Sockets and Plugs

When it comes to utility, there is little to no comparison when talking about the 32A industrial socket. This is a necessary addition to any building exactly due to its ever-changing and the need to adapt to those changes.

The utility of this industrial products comes from its secure plugs and the sockets, allowing users to easily plugin and off high-powered machinery. The rubberized ends of the sockets act both as mechanical protection and isolation, allowing the user to safely work with the electrical boards even during inclement weather.

These products also have an application in homes, however, these homes need to be supplied with electricity 32A energy as well as 3 phase electricity in order for the sockets to be operational. It goes without saying that all installation instructions and safety measures need to be followed for the installation to be completely safe.

Weather and wear protection

When used in an industrial application, these plugs are a fantastic alternative to three-phase plugs because they provide the necessary weather protection. Due to this, it’s commonly seen for these boards to be mounted temporarily, and then removed and moved to another location without much efforts.

The weather protection features are quite necessary, especially considering that these products are most often used as temporary, movable power sockets around a job site. In order to guarantee the safety, the products come with an isolator that isolates the user from the current even when wet.

The socket and plug design is quite deep, with 3 major pins and correspond to one another. Due to this feature, it’s quite impossible for the plugs to be installed the wrong way, meaning that even in the hurried moment, the user can safely and accurately plugin or off a specific machine.

In terms of maintenance, the only true maintenance is to ensure that there is no ingress grime into the sockets, which could act short circuit the machine. A visual inspection is more than enough to provide the necessary information on whether the plug needs to be cleaned or not.