Whether you are creating a domestic or a commercial electrical circuit with numerous consumers there is always a room for automated controllers, breakers and switches with remote control capabilities.

These types of products allow for creating a safer and easier to maintain electrical system as well as provide quite a lot more control when compared to manually controlled components.

The Automation Products we Provide

There is quite a lot that we offer here, mainly because we specialize in electrical component manufacturing and distribution all around the EU. Here are all of our products with a small explanation on what sort of utility the different items provide.

Transformers are used to transform the type of electrical power which enters any electrical system – we have AC to DC converters which stabilize and normalize any current passing through the system.

Meter tools, timers and Relays have a more utilitarian application with on-sight implementation. Timers are set by hand but can switch on and off at a set time of the day, meter tools allow users to measure currents and breaks and relays provide a safe way of connecting cables to components.

Control and signals are mainly used to provide on and off switching of electrical motors, while light signals provide information whether or not the circuit is under load or not.

Capacity coefficient compensation units are quite vital when working with fine tuned machinery and provide an essential protection role for users.

Soft starters provide a safe way of starting a high powered electrical motor or a consumer without generating static electricity. These motor starters are quite useful in industrial areas and are mounted next to the consumer they are controlling.

Frequency inverters soften the frequency circulating into a system and provide an essential protective role for more sensitive electronic systems.

Motor and Thermal Protection is quite valuable when a system has quite a lot of voltage passing through it as it provides a heat-sink and protects components from overexposure to heat.

Starters are used to start electrical motors and consumers and can see application in domestic and commercial installations.

Contactors are vital in that they provide a safe way for a user to connect consumers to the grind without exposing said user to high amounts of voltage.

Fuse links and bases are the foundation of any safe circuit breaker board as they provide an interface through which users install additional circuit breakers and buses.

Surge arresters have an essential part in protecting electrical systems and wiring from and incoming over-surge.

Switch disconnectors are made to fully turn off the circuit they are connected to – anything past these disconnectors is absolutely voltage free and can be handled directly.

Residual circuit devices are quite handy when it comes to handling residual charges in the system– they’re essential for personnel and consumer safety.

Power Circuit Breakers are the backbone of any short circuit or over voltage protection system as they automatically switch off any system to protect it from adverse electrical behaviour.

Miniature circuit breakers have the same role as the bigger power circuit breakers, however, they are mostly used in domestic and household applications.