Switches and sockets for home and office

Switches and sockets for complete installation of home and office.


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In the Elmark product catalog we present three series of switches and sockets with a wide variety of functions and colors. In all three series City, Lecce and Rhyme you can combine different functions in decorative frames. This makes our series of switches and sockets so popular.
City series – a modern and functional series with a choice of 19 functions and 10 different colors of decorative frames.
Lecce series – the modular series of Elmark, which will give a sophisticated and professional look to any room. Allows installation of many functions in a small space. Rhyme series – the classic series suitable for any interior. In stylish colors and again a great variety of functions.
In this category you will also find moisture-resistant switches and sockets, suitable for installation in open spaces or in damp rooms.

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