Residual Current Devices

Quality life-saving device designed to prevent from a electric shock.


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The Residual Current Device (RCD) requires no extra power supply to the operating mechanism. It compares the magnitude of the currents through the neutral and phase conductors and reacts based on the trip settings it was designed to recognize.

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What are the main functions of a RCD socket

  • Its function is to switch off heavy-loaded electrical circuits at insulation damage of the conductors to the consumers;
  • Switching off heavy-loaded electrical circuits at pretense of a person under voltage;
  • Used to protect the whole circuit breaker panel;
  • The control of the Residual Current Device can be manual or automatic, depends on the needs of the business enterprises.

We have RCD’s rated for operating high and low voltage and currents – 230/400V; 50/60Hz which become responsive at: 30, 100, 300, 500mA.

In our portfolio we’ve included – residual current devices 2P, combined circuit breakers with residual current device and residual current devices 4P.

What are the uses of an RCD protection

The main goal of a residual current device is to detect any residual magnetic fields after the switching off of industrial machinery which operates at a high voltage. They can be implemented in households with home shops, or industrial construction and building sights.

This is why we provide a variety of RCD switches with different capacities, so our clients can pick and choose exactly what type of protection they need. The RCD protection panels can be directly mounted at a crucial point of a circuit, and can be controlled from a distance or with an analogue touch.

The triggering range depends on the type of device and should be picked based on the demands of the electrical system itself. Since its design is to detect residual currents, it should be implemented with the natural current environment in mind.

Using a lower rated RCD in an industrial environment where the natural circuit switch-off point is higher, would cause the switch to break whenever it’s not warranted. If you are having difficulty in picking the proper switch, we recommend that you contact us so we can provide the necessary information.

How to prevent accidental RCD tripping

One of the ways of preventing accidental or unwarranted RCD tripping, is to select the appropriate device for the application. As it was mentioned above, the natural switch-off current should be taken into consideration when picking a specific device.

The main things to take into account are:

  • The natural state of the system;
  • The potential residual current when a machine is turned off;
  • The presence of personnel around the circuit or circuit breakers;
  • The amount of machinery and equipped being supplied by that particular circuit.

Once these things have been taken into account, you should also consider our options, we’ve always provided industrial grade devices, but as of recent have started providing household grade RCD’s. To prevent industrial and household tripping, we recommend selecting the appropriate RCD which will be based on the electrical consumption and the factors we mentioned above.