LECCE serie






The serie LECCE offers a variety of different colours and solutions for Your home.
The beautiful design and easy replacement of the panels, give You a real pleasure to 
decorate any room. The serie offers white and black sockets.
To add more colour to any room, LECCE series provides an option to select the right
panel from the following colours: 


- White
- Blue
- Silver grey
- Golden
- Graphite matt
- Graphite
- Champagne
- Green
- Onix
- Cherry-tree
- Tabac

- Wide selection of 24 functions meets your requirements and needs
- Options for combining of different functions by assembling in decorative frames (from 1 to 6 modules)
- The series is compatible with individual for the models consoles for wall/plasterboard built-in mounting

- Quick and easy mounting
- High quality and reliability
- Elegant design

- Residential and office buildings
- Hotels

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