Components for the installation of cables, machines and consumers come in a wide variety, ranging in their types, support roles and implementations. In order to create a safe and long lasting electrical installation, users must choose the right sort of tools, which we at are certain you can find in this extensive catalogue.

What sort of Installation Components do we Provide

Our selection of installation components can be separated into three categories – Creation, Distribution and Protection. Here is a short summary of each and every category and what it holds in-store for you.

Distribution Boards and Boxes

These components are meant for surface mounting and act as housing and protection of fuse boxes and short circuit breakers. They are the outermost protective layer which has a utility in providing dust and moisture covers for the sensitive electronics underneath the housing.

Metal Boards

Metal Boards are not so different from distribution boards and boxes in that they provide housing for fuses and short circuit breakers. However, one of the most vital parts of a metal board is that it gives a common metal rail which can distribute power to different consumers and breakers.

Industrial Boards, Plugs and Sockets

Industrial plugs and Sockets different greatly from domestic use ones in that they can handle quite a lot more stress and can provide power to high-powered consumers. These plugs are high ingress protection rated and can handle up to three-phase power supplies to high intensity machinery.

Plastic Cable Trunking

Cable trunking is a vital part of any modern cable installation as it provides mechanical damage protection to outside and inside cabling. Plastic cable trunking is most often used with the creation of power installations to domestic and commercial buildings all around the EU.

Electrical installation tubes and accessories

Electrical installation tubes give an essential protection from sunlight, moisture and mechanical damage. It is most often used underground or behind walls when cabling needs some sort of ready-made channel for ease of installation.

Cable support systems

Cable support systems are most often used in large warehouses where communication or electrical wiring needs to traverse an open space without getting in the way. There are all sorts of sizes and covers which protect from ingress of dirt and grime and keep the system nice and neat.

Cable accessories

Cable management and creating better attachment points from cables to consumers has always been the main goal of a lot of electricians. Not only do our cable accessories provide a more reliable way of attaching cables, but also gives our clients the opportunity to tidy up their cabling for easier management later on.

Mounting Rails and Busbars

Mounting Rails and Busbars are used to create an attachment point for cabling and consumers in any given spot like metal boards or distribution boxes.


The installation components which you will find here range from junction boxes and terminal blocks for outside use, to boxes for interior and in-wall integration.

Lighting protection

Lighting protection is mandatory in any sort of urban setting and should be done properly. This selection of products provides you with everything which is essential for creating a state of the art lighting protection system.

Plugs and Reels

Plugs and extending reels are more than essential in any home. This category provides you with a wide range of reels and plugs suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Switches and sockets for home and office

No livable or working space is complete without the appropriate switches and sockets, which have to be safe for the user, but also have to be stylish and easy to integrate into any home interior design.