Miniature Circuit Breakers

Reliable protection of the electrical circuits from overload.


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ELMARK offers circuit breakers designed for installation in residential and industrial environments.
Miniature Circuit Breakers are used to protect circuits from excess current. They are an alternative to fuses, the miniature circuit breakers are automatic switches and they open when the current flowing through them exceeds the value for which they have been set.
The devices can be used in combination with auxiliary devices to ensure remote control, commutation or indication of the circuit.
Their rated voltage is between 230/400V; 50/60HZ. Their breaking capacity is in accordance with EU standards 60 898-1:5400A. Miniature Circuit Breakers can be mounted vertical or DIN-rail.
In our portfolio in this category are included: miniature Circuit Breakers with 1, 2, 3, 4 poles and accessories such as monitoring voltage relays, switches, adapters.


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