Planning and striving for improvement

Some of the key success factors according to the leader in electrical equipment and lighting – ELMARK

Jelez Georgiev

CEO of ELMARK Holding SE

“In the dynamic times we live in, business customers rely on digital solutions that make their work easier,

but also on a responsible partner with an expert opinion to deliver the goods at the right time.

We represent security, high efficiency and opportunity for development for our clients. “

Mr. Georgiev, can you present ELMARK Holding?

ELMARK is a Bulgarian company with many years of experience in the production and distribution of electrical equipment and lighting, which provides quality products on international markets. We provide comprehensive solutions at competitive prices for every home and business.

The year was 2000 and we registered Elmark as a brand. The time in which we started to develop our business was difficult and uncertain, but gradually we managed to enter new markets, increase our production capacity, expand our product portfolio and add modern solutions that can now be found in almost every Bulgarian home, office or business.

We operate in a number of countries, having a chain of showrooms and warehouses throughout Eastern Europe, and in the rest of the world we have built successful partnerships with distributors and business customers.

What are the current product categories you have included in your portfolio?

Every year we update and expand our product portfolio, taking into account customer demand, needs and requirements. This year we have included in our catalog over 1500 new items in order to provide even more diverse solutions.

The ELMARK catalog includes 12 categories, whereas part of the main ones are: Electrical equipment, Electrical installation materials, Cables and Lighting for home, office, garden and industry. In response to the increased interest in renewable energy sources and modernization of remote control methods, we have added many new products in the categories “Smart home devices” and “Solar systems”.

Manufactured in accordance with all European standards and requirements, the ELMARK product line follows the global trends for high efficiency and environmental protection. Our production passes the necessary tests daily and has proven parameters for safety and security, as evidenced by the international certificates obtained over the years, among which is the INTERTEK quality certificate for the production of safe and reliable solutions.

That is why we confidently provide up to 7 years warranty for products with the ELMARK brand.

In how many countries do you currently operate?

We currently have 22 sites located in major cities in the countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Bosnia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates.

Over the years, we have managed to develop a successful international distribution network, through which ELMARK goods are delivered in over 60 countries around the world.

We have recently opened our official representative office in the UAE, Dubai. With a total area of over 600 m2, the showroom is located in a key location just opposite Dubai International Airport (DXB). Our rich product portfolio of over 10,000 items can be viewed by visitors to the site, which has a warehouse with stocks of the entire range for faster and more flexible delivery.
You have a site in Dubai, UAE, what are your goals there and what opportunities open up for your business?

Dubai is the most important financial and trade center in the Middle East, because in recent years it has invested significant resources in trade, tourism and construction.

We have been known in the local market for 7 years, during which we have created successful business partnerships, and hence the interest in ELMARK has increased. That’s why we took a strategic approach and opened our showroom in a key place.

Our goals in the Middle East are aimed at expanding our market position and gaining new customers by providing competent technical advice and excellent after-sales service.

We are focused on the company’s participation in international and local projects related to construction and architecture.












Bosnia and Herzegovina









From a small company to an industry leader developing a successful international trade – What is the secret of your success?

When building a house, it is mandatory to lay a solid foundation to ensure the durability and safety of the structure in the future. It is the same for business. In reality, the foundation is the company’s mission and values, thanks to which it manages to develop and achieve its goals.

Our mission is focused on providing reliable and innovative solutions for effective management of our clients’ business, and our values ​​lead us on the path to improvement.

The result of our actions and efforts over the years is the satisfaction of our partners with the added value we provide them: quality products and a full range, stock in each site, professional service, digital platforms for the benefit of business.

Business has always been and will be a two-way process. The most important thing for us is the justified customer trust, which is the best advertisement for the company. This is actually the measurability of a successful business – a satisfied customer(s).

What modern digital solutions do you apply in your business?

The time we live in is a time of digitalization, and if companies fail to implement technology in their business, their future is in question.

I am proud to share that we have completed a long-awaited and important stage in our development by implementing the latest innovations in the field of warehousing systems and digital platforms for our customers, in order to provide better service.

The modern ERP system with which we plan and manage the resources of the enterprise; B2B platforms for partners and distributors that facilitate the processes in their business – the implementation of all this took us a lot of time and resources, and the end result led to high productivity, competitiveness and market leadership.

We are competitive, fast and offer quality and safe products worldwide.

What is your overview for the COVID emergency period and how has it affected your business?

Contrary to the expectations and results in the various business niches, we report a serious increase in the number of orders and the average price of an order. The past year and a half has been very successful for us – we have positioned ourselves well in international markets and won new business clients and partners.

There are several reasons that contributed to our good results:

  • We have a large stock of goods in each of our sites, which during a pandemic met customer demand, and our competitors were not prepared for this;
  • Logistics is done by us – we plan and deliver, which is a significant plus;
  • We develop digitally – we facilitate the work of businesses;
  • We are close to customers – we have a network of sites in major cities.

If we look at construction, even in this uncertain time of a pandemic, people continue to invest, which of course has a positive impact on our business, because construction companies need quality solutions that we offer.
What are your plans for future development?

After researching and analyzing the market, thanks to the feedback we received from our Italian distributors, we decided to open a representative office in Italy, as there is a serious interest in our products and services.

Our representative office in Italy will be in the city of Padua and will be a fact early next year.
Let’s add a futuristic note and imagine ELMARK in 5 years? How do you think the company will develop?

Following our strategy for sustainable growth and the pace of development of our business, I am sure that in 5 years we will be able to increase our presence and open new sites in every European capital.

We are working purposefully to implement this plan by building a new logistics center in the city of Dobrich, located next to our current site. The modern logistics center will be over 6,000 square meters in size and 12 meters high, with a capacity of over 10,000 pallets to maintain a large stock, in order to meet customer demand and increase sales.
Can you share with us particularly impressive reference objects?

Over the past decades, we have participated in countless international projects, providing brand solutions directly or through partner and distribution networks.

I am sharing a small part of the socially significant buildings in which we participate:

Bucharest, Romania – The National Theater; Belgrade, Serbia – The “Nikola Tesla” airport; Plovdiv, Bulgaria – KCM AD; Muscat, Oman – Royal Police Hospital; Dubai, UAE – Blue Tower; Abu Dhabi, UAE – International airport.

The rapidly changing world sets new conditions for business. Customers are looking for a stable partner with proven positions who is able to be flexible in times of change – a partner like ELMARK.

Every year we sign contracts with major international companies that use our products and services. We strive to constantly improve in order to offer complex solutions at competitive prices.