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ELMARK is constantly seeking to attract new partners for long-term cooperation.


The corporate policy of the company is based on deep loyalty, honesty, responsibility and ethics in business. The excellent relations among the partners of the company guarantee the future successes that will bring even better prospects for development.


ELMARK strives to meet the expectations of its users by providing high class solutions oriented towards their needs in the most efficient way so as to be confident that we have met their specific needs.


The company operates with a large distribution network to reach the clients interested in its products irrespective of their location. Relying on its partners ELMARK strives to build a powerful and excellently coordinated business network which creates perspectives for the partners, for the company and ensures the continued supply of highest quality products on the market.


As a leading company ELMARK pays special attention to innovations, to standard and less standard market approaches which makes it a leader in the market for professional electrical equipment, lighting equipment and installation components.


If you wish to become a partner and offer ELMARK products you can become a member of the business network of the company and provide access to the quality your clients deserve and thus you will win their trust, loyalty and respect.