Thermomagnetic automatic breaker

Technical characteristics:


Model: TM2
- Rated operating current range: from 0.1 up to 80А
- Rated operating voltage: up to 690V АС, 50/60Hz
- Insulating voltage: 690V
- Impulse voltage withstand: 6 000V
- Electrical wear resistance (number of cycles): ≥1000000
- Mechanical wear resistance (number of cycles): ≥10000000
- Ambient temperature: -10°÷60ºС
- Maximum altitude: 2000m


Mounting: On a DIN rail in boards or in watertight box for ТМ2


- Option for independent operation or as an element of an automation system
- Option for operation at higher frequency
- Option for adjustment of protection activating range 
- High reliability of the current characteristics
- Option for change/choice of the protection current (according to the rated operating current)
- Automatic compensation of the ambinet temperature
- Easy mounting and long life


- For switching off alternating current consumers at current overload
- For switching off the electrical circuit to the consumer at input short circuit 
- For protection of the motor at lack/lowering of the phase voltage (if there is under voltage release)
- Used as a protective operating element against overload, overheat or short circuit in control panels of induction motors 


- Industry
- Building construction