The energy of the Future

Why choose solar systems?

The amount of Sun energy reaching the Earth every day is enormous. If this energy is used appropriately, it can be converted efficiently into electricity with the help of additional equipment – solar power systems.

Installed solar systems save from the moment they are turned on. The longer you use your solar system, the more you feel the benefits of solar technology and keep the environment clean.

Solar energy can be used both for household needs and can be used by many industries, saving financial resources and reducing pollution.

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Types of Systems and their application

Operation and Lifespan

Cost-efficiency and value

Product portfolio

Which system meets your needs?


For places without built power supply.

The solar panels produce current electricity that is stored in the system battery.  In order for this energy to be used in households, the inverter constantly converts the DC voltage from the battery into AC voltage before supplying it to the electrical consumers. Thus a completely independent power supply system is formed, without the need for an electrical network.


For places with built power supply.

When there is a power supply from the grid, during the daytime hours, the solar panels produce current electricity that is converted by the mains power inverter and directed to the grid. No battery is used in this system for the storage of the produced current electricity.


For places with and without built power supply with the ability to store the electricity.

The principle of operation of the system is determined entirely by the inverter.

There are several modes of operation of the inverter, which are: autonomous solar inverter, mains solar inverter, and combined mode.

Make the switch to solar

ELMARK Energy Experts create for you an individual project based on your parameters and requirements completely free of charge.

Each project provides a detailed financial analysis of the cash flow for a period of 21 years, showing in detail the period of repayment of the system, according to specified individual parameters and method of construction.

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5. ELMARK provides  warranty service for a specified period