Charging stations for electric and plug-in cars

Ensure your comfort.


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Take the advantages of ELMARK’s charging stations for electrical and plug-in cars.

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Advantages of charging stations

Let‘s first look at what is the advantage of an electric car charger over a standard charge from a single-phase (two-pin) socket at home to answer the question, do I need a special charging station at home?

Reduce charging time by up to 3 times

ELMARK‘s 7kW single-phase charger will speed up the charging process between 2 and 3 times. Thus, the same battery with a capacity of 40kWh will be charged for about 6 hours, enough time to fully charge at night rate and the car to be charged 100% for the next day.

Safety – another reason to choose the home charging station
Standard household outlets are not designed to withstand continuous loads with maximum power for 10-15 hours. These loads, combined with the long duration, can cause the installation to heat up, increasing the risk of damage and fire. The purpose-built charging point,
including the charging station and its accompanying installation, ensure that they are safe from any electrical hazards.

Ensure your comfort

Another advantage that ensures the use of a home charger station is convenience. The commitment to looking for a convenient place near home for charging the car battery and the loss of time during its charging period is dropped.