Office and Institutions


ELMARK offers a number of products in the field of lighting and electrical systems designed to meet the needs of offices, various public institutions and organizations. Some of the company's customers are educational institutions, municipal administrations, government agencies, hospitals, institutions and other organizations of public importance.


Offering reliable and safe solutions that could be successfully integrated in the buildings of various public organizations is important to the company and enables it to continue asserting itself as a supplier of quality systems and products.


The focus of ELMARK on this market is largely based on the company's philosophy which emphasizes the importance of its contribution to the improvement of the lifestyle and the growing social responsibility.


The ambition of the company to develop this market is also due to the need for efficient solutions designed for modern administrative and business buildings. It is a fact that an increasing number of institutions are choosing the products of ELMARK to ensure a permanent level of comfort in combination with safety and profitability.


Within a short period of time the company was able to get a foothold in this market and to quickly win consumer confidence thus becoming a symbol of quality, both in the field of electrical components and systems and in the field of lighting equipment.