Metal Enclosures IP65





Technical characteristics:

-  Rated voltage: up to 1000V
- Maximum current: up to 1250А
- Dimensions:
    Height:    from 250 mm to 1800mm
    Width:    from 250mm to 10000mm
    Depth:    150mm / 200mm / 250mm / 300mm
- Mounting plate for fixing of the equipment
- Cover for the input-output conductors
- Grounding dowel pin
- Material: Steel
- IP code: IP65



- Option to change the opening direction
- The anti-corrosion coating prevents from rust forming
- Supplied with metal plate for fixing the electrical devices
- Locking mechanism which prevents from free access to the electrical materials mounted in the board


- Provide safe from atmospheric conditions and mechanical intervention environment of the equipment mounted in the board
- Used for protection, providing safety from accidental contact to the current leading parts if working close to the board
- Prevent from accidental technological switching 
- Used in building, domestic and office automation
- Used in cases requiring mounting the board outdoors


- Industry
- Production
- Residential and office buildings
- Outdoor installation



- vertically on a flat surface

EN 62208
EN 60439-1
EN 60 439-3



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