LT2-K series





Technical characteristics:

 - Model: LT2-K

 - Rated operating current: 0,10 up to 93А

 - Rated operating voltage : up to 690VАС; 50/60Hz

 - Insulation voltage: >690V

 - Impulse voltage withstand: 6000V

 - Mechanical wear resistance (number of cycles) :≥10 000 000

 - Electrical wear resistance (number of cycles):≥1 000 000

 - Ambient temperature: -10°÷60ºС

 - Maximum altitude: up to 2000m
Моunting: it is mounted to the terminals of the contactor and it is additionally clamped to its frame through a pin



 - Indication for protection activating

 - Choice of protection restoration method

 - Allows adjustment of the operation range

 - Allows operation at higher frequency

 - High reliability of the current parameters

 - Increase the effectiveness and prolongs the term of operation.



 - For protection of induction motors from overload or overheat

 - To prevent the motor from operation at unusual temperature conditions



 - Industry 

 - Building construction



 EN 60947-1  

 EN 60947-4-1