GLOSSY is regarded as “jewelry” in terms of decorative and interior design. Its unique construction allows emitted light from the built-in LED’s to efficiently disperse inside every single crystal, creating an even room lighting and achieving a superior aesthetic effect.



- Safe, low-voltage function

- Even room lighting

- Low energy consumption

- Instant lighting with maximum luminous flux

- Environmentally Friendly – does not emit Mercury and Lead ( by RoHS Directive)

- No ultraviolet and infrared rays


Ideal for:

Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Restaurants



Technical specifications:


- Description: Chandelier
- Power: 96W/72W
- Colour temperature: 4000К
- Rated voltage: 230V / 50/60Hz
- Lumens /whole fixture/:
    -96W - 7680lm
    -72W - 5760lm
- Light source: LED included
- LED type: SMD
- CRI: >80
- Switch on/off > 20000
- Protection against dust and moisture: IP20
- Material: Metal with crystal 
- Colour of the body: Chrome
- Long life: 50000 hours











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