Power cable with solid or stranded cu wires, PVC insulation and sheathing


Technical data:                                                                            

• Nominal voltage Uo- 0.6kV

• Nominal voltage U- 1kV

• Ambient temperature- from -30°C to +50°C

• Max. oprating temperature- +70C°

• Temperature of laying- ≥-5°C


• Conductor material- Copper (Cu)

• Conductors insulation - PVC compaund

• Outer steath material-filling sheath and PVC


• Conductor construction- solid or stranded CU wires,

class 1 or class 2

• re - round solid

• rm - round multi-core

• sm - sector multi-core

• se - sector solid conductor


A cable with solid or stranded CU wires, resistant to the sun radiance and atmospheric influences. It is suitable for spread and transfer of electrical energy if it is installed steady outside or in indoor spaces -cable trunking, electrical cable conduit, cable trays, directly into tunnels, earthworks, pits and etc.


BDS 904-84 - according to construction

IEC60332-1- according to flame retardant