The entertainment industry accounts for a substantial share in the business of 21 century. The investments and the income of this economic sector are enormous and require serious and innovative solutions to meet business needs in the long run. ELMARK offers a number of systems that meet these demands and easily combine quality and safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness, efficiency and care for the environment.


Using its long-term experience in the development and manufacturing of lighting bodies and electrical components the company is able to respond adequately to market expectations and to offer products which are highly appreciated by clients.


This market is characterized by high expectations in terms of innovations. The clients determine the dynamics in the entertainment industry and only companies relying on state-of-the-art technologies are able to respond to the constantly changing challenges.


ELMARK is a company providing highly efficient, modern and quality solutions that meet the needs of this fast evolving sector and this makes it increasingly confident that it has chosen the best path to develop its potential.


Clients of the company in this area are theatres, cinemas, museums, galleries, entertainment parks, bars and restaurants, and this gives a clear and long-term perspective of the development and manufacturing of innovative products that even exceed the customer expectations.