Taking advantage of its broad range of products which comply with the highest class of international standards ELMARK offers also a number of home and garden solutions that leave a lasting impression of quality and reliability in customers. The consistent policy of the company helps it to constantly attract new customers and to justify the trust old of customers who are looking for the ideal solution for their home.


Many company products are oriented towards improving the level of comfort and security of our home and creating a wonderful atmosphere for us and our loved ones. Tens of thousands of homes already use ELMARK lighting solutions and delight in a bright and spacious home like never before.


The low voltage devices of ELMARK provide security and safety of domestic electrical installations as well as the peace and protection a family needs. ELMARK offers flexible and effective means of protection and control of energy, easy-to-select configurations, discreet design.


Some of the priorities in this respect are the development of energy-saving lighting and the environmental concerns which mark the corporate philosophy of any self-respecting modern company seeking approval and consumer confidence. This provides additional benefits to customers such as lower consumption and lower electricity bills of households.


Special attention in the production process is paid to innovations in terms of design and reliability which demonstrates some of ELMARK's ambitions to offer beautiful and elegant, but also safe home and garden lighting solutions.


Irrespective of what we do at home the need for sufficient lighting is essential to our way of life and this provokes the creation of even more sophisticated products that meet consumer expectations in virtually all circumstances.