ELMARK products have proven their reliability, quality and efficiency and this is one of the main factors making them preferred products for the production processes of large and small businesses.


The diversity of the products developed and manufactured by ELMARK, including products such as circuit breakers and protection elements, electrical components, relays, distribution boards, components for electrical systems, switches and sockets is one of the main reasons why the company is a preferred supplier of equipment in different areas of production.


The massive expansion of the company into the industrial markets in recent years is part of its long-term strategy  to become a key supplier of electrical modules and components.


Hundreds of companies seeking high level reliability have trusted ELMARK as a loyal and reliable supplier of electrical components and have been able to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of their production processes. This is a fact thanks both to the quality characteristics of the products and the flexible pricing policy of the company.


The confidence in ELMARK solutions has been growing also in terms of the proposed lighting equipment manufactured by the company - industrial and domestic lighting, energy saving lighting systems, discharging and LED lighting bodies, etc.


Today ELMARK designs excellent solutions at reasonable prices which clearly indicates the direction for development of the company as a perfect partner to a number of industries.