Hydraulic punching tools





Technical characteristics:
-  Shape of the cutting element
- Size of the cutting element - Ø 22, 27.5, 34.3, 40,49,60.8 mm
- Punching capacity
    Metal sheet 3 mm – openings up to Ø 30mm
    Metal sheet 2 mm – openings up to Ø 115mm
    square 32х32 mm
- Element pressing strength: 160 kN



- Punching head turning at 360°
- Protracting punching head supplied with a hose for the hydraulic oil that allows punching of openings everywhere on the metal surface
- Metal box for the instrument
- A set of congestion rings for the hydraulic cylinder
- Additional set of cutting elements for cable glands – Ø16, 20, 26.2, 32.5, 39, 51, 63 and
- A square for display devices 46.5x46.5, 68x68 (ordered additionally)



- Cutting through openings in metal sheet with gauge up to 3mm without rotary motion



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