Capacity Factor Regulator





Technical Characteristics:

-  Rated operating voltage: 230/400V
- Operating frequency:46-65HZ
- Insulation voltage: 690V
- Surge voltage wear resistance-6kV/min
- Measurement range: 0-9999 kV
- Measurement accuracy:
    Power factor: ±1%
    Reactive energy: ±2%
- Operating temperature: -10 ÷ +55 °С
- Humidity: 30-60%
- Sensitivity: 20mА
- Maximum altitude: 2500m


Mounting: on the front panel of a board after an opening is cut



-  Indication and setting parameters like power factor
- Real time showing of many system parameters
- Options for selection of manual and automatic operating mode  
- Indication of overvoltage or lack of voltage
- LED indication of displayed parameters and outputs in operation 
- High level of security of data
- Easy programming
- Secure control of the outputs

- Control of capacitors systems with 12/16 controlling outputs


- Industry 
- Administrative and public buildings