Road Lights STREET SMD with LED chip SAMSUNG






Technical Characteristics:

- Power :150W/200W/250W/300W
- Rated voltage: ~100V-240V
- Power supply: low-voltage, direct-current device - driver
- LED type: SMD
- Color temperature: 5500K
- Luminous flux:
  STREET 150W – 15000lm
  STREET 200W – 20000lm
  STREET 250W – 25000lm
  STREET 300W – 30000lm
- Beam angle: 85˚x135˚
- Protection against dust and moisture: IP65
- Housing: aluminum
- Colour of the housing: Silver aluminium
- Diffuser: lens
- Resistance: -30°C ÷ +65°C
- Long life: 30000 hours

Application area:

- Roads and streets
- Squares
- Fleets
- Parking lots
- Warehouses

- Completely replaces traditional street lamps
- Produced for Industrial usage - with replaced modules, easy and reliable service
- Wide distribution of homogenious, highly efficient light
- Economic- low power consumption
- Repeated switch on/off does not effect the fixture lifespan
- Instant light at maximum luminous flux
- Environmentally friendly - no mercury and lead
- No ultraviolet and infrared rays
- Resistant to shock and vibration stable body
- Voltage supply fluctuations do not affect the normal operation of the fixture