Contactors LT1-D/K 6-95A





Technical characteristics:
- Operation class: АС-3
- Rated current: 6-95А
- Rated operating voltage of power contactors: up to 690V; 50/60Hz 
- Surge voltage wear resistance: 8000V
- Rated operating voltage of the coil: 12/24/36/48/110/230/400
- Electrical wear resistance (number of cycles): ≥1000000
- Mechanical wear resistance (number of cycles):≥10000000
- Number of cycles (switchings ON) per hour: 
    6-32А - 1200cycles
    40-95А - 600cycles
- Pole leaking power: up to 13W
- Ambient temperature: -10°÷60ºС
- Maximum altitude: up to 2000m


Mounting: on a DIN rail or using bolts to a flat surface in a vertical position with maximum gradient of ±5°


EN 60947-1
EN 60947-4-1



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