The benefits of listing Elmark on the BEAM market

Jelez Georgiev, executive director and founder of “Elmark Invest”, in the “Investor Club”, 04.03.2023 about the benefits of the company’s listing, the business climate in Bulgaria and the development of the company.

“The reputational benefits of listing on BSE’s BEAM market are more valuable than the financial ones”

According to Mr. Georgiev, it is not difficult to do business in Bulgaria and it is even very easy if you work correctly and honestly. But it is very important not to depend on government orders. “Elmark Invest” is currently the first company in Bulgaria to go on the stock exchange without currently seeking financing. This is another step forward to increase the confidence in the company and a request to future investors for the long-term presence in the targeted markets.
What are the reasons for the decision to list the company on the BEAM market of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange?
“The first is that it’s faster and easier because we don’t need money at the moment.
The second reason is that we have a second line of business that we’ve been working on for a year and will launch in early 2024. Our second business project is “Home Finishing”.
The concept is to give something different to the market in one product that does not currently exist. And this is in one product to give the end user (the investor) who needs a renovation to design his space himself, use our libraries in the online store, see how much the investment would cost him, then order the goods, to deliver them to him, but also to be able to choose a company on our platform yourself to do the installation of these products. Our global goal is for the customer to get the end product they want without leaving their home.”

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