The CEO and owner of Elmark Holding,
Jelez Jelyazkov

About the growth of Elmark over the past years and the company’s way forward,

the CEO and founder of ELMARK, Jelez Georgiev, to Forbes magazine

In front of Forbes magazine, one of the leading publications for business and finance, the owner and founder of ELMARK, Jelez Georgiev, talk about the future development of the company. He also reveals details about the path traveled so far, the difficulties he encountered and overcame.

“All great things seem a little impossible at first. If they are elementary and simple, everyone would do them”,
he commented regarding the project “Home finishing.

He proves it with the success of Elmark as a leading European supplier of electrical engineering and lighting solutions. The consolidated revenues of “Elmark Holding”, which includes 10 subsidiary companies in the Balkans and one in Dubai, plus the listed “Elmark Invest” and “Elmark Trade”, amount to BGN 46 million for 2022, of which BGN 5.7 million BGN profit. Only in the logistics center with an area of 11,000 square meters, goods worth over 20 million euros are stored.

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